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Get Out of Computer Trouble FREE Activation Form

This Voucher Entitles You To

2 Hours of FREE Computer Support Valued

At $250.00

This voucher entitles you to receive 2 hours of free technical support to fix any computer problem you are experiencing. If your computer network is down or if you have any other technical problem that you need help with, call our Technical Support Hot Line and an experienced, certified technician will respond immediately.

Technical Support Hotline: 706.855.1492

Don’t Have An Immediate Problem? Here Are Other Ways You Can Use Your 2 Free Hours of Computer Support:

§  Check your network’s security against hackers and viruses.

§  Scan and remove spyware.

§  Check your network backups to make sure they are working properly.

§  Diagnose slow, unstable PCs.

§  Perform a quick network tune-up to make programs and files load faster.

§  Discuss a project or upgrade you are considering, or even give you a second opinion on a quote you received.

YES! Please activate this voucher so I can have your technical staff on-call to solve any unexpected computer problems I have:



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This certificate is good for one computer emergency call and is restricted to business customers with five or more computers. This voucher cannot be sold, traded, or transferred to another party.  The bearer is not obligated to purchase any additional services or products upon redemption of this voucher.