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How Confident Are You That Your Network Is Safe From Devastating Viruses, Unrelenting Hackers, and Disappearing Data?

Virus detection software alone is no longer sufficient protection against the increasingly covert threats to your network.  Take a look at the following facts about computer security.

Ø Studies have shown that 87% of all viruses enter a company network via e-mail

Ø Each month viruses, malware, spyware, and other malicious programs continue to evolve and become increasingly difficult to detect and remove

Ø Any connection to the internet represents a potential opportunity for someone to “hack” into your network

Ø Statistics reveal that 31% of employees accidentally or intentionally send confidential information and trade secrets outside their organizations

Ø Few small and medium size businesses have written computer user policies and fewer know how to enforce them

Ø The average failure rate of disk and tape drives is 100%

Don’t let your business become another
devastating statistic!

If you want to be absolutely confident that your company is protected, we can help:

Ø Conduct an on-site security assessment to pinpoint your network vulnerabilities

Ø Design employee policies and training programs to educate your employees about “safe computing”

Ø Build an extremely powerful, multi-layer line of defense

Ø Provide on-going system maintenance and support

Ø Develop a data backup system

Free Security Consultation Gets You Started Now

Call us at (706) 855-1492 or email us and we’ll arrange for you to have a complimentary security consultation with one of our senior technicians to provide “Plain English” answers to your toughest questions about securing your network.









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