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Attention Small Business Owners:

Your Current Time And Attendance System

Could Be Costing You Thousands!

Does your current timekeeping system consist of paper timesheets and sticky notes?

Does your payroll clerk spend most of her time correcting calculation errors and deciphering illegible scribbles?

Do you consider job tracking one of your biggest challenges?

If so, then we can help.

We help companies with 5 to 15,000 employees to replace their inefficient, inadequate time and attendance systems with one that is easy to use, puts you in control, and saves you money.


Unlike most advanced time and attendance systems, TimeIPS is ready to work within hours, not weeks or months.  It is a completely self-contained network appliance.  This means there is no software to load on servers or desktops and no hardware configuration or compatibility issues.  And maintenance is easy with automatic updates and backups.

Employees will love the immediate feedback each time they clock in and out.  The stationís LCD screen displays hours worked and remaining non-overtime hours automatically.

Managers will love the easy-to-navigate tools that allow them to see employee labor hours and jobs worked, absences, schedule deviations, overtime alerts, enter sick and vacation time and much more.

Payroll will love that it is compatible with QuickBooks, ADP, PayChex and many other payroll services.  No duel entry or complicated data transfer programs.

TimeIPS Puts You In Control

TimeIPS provides powerful REAL-TIME viewing and reporting of your personnel attendance and job/project activity.  This critical information allows you to . . .

         Quickly identify problem areas

         Improve employee productivity

         Lower personnel management costs

         Save money

TimeIPS Saves You Money

TimeIPS is a complete network-based digital time-clock system that automates time, attendance, job tracking, benefits and payroll functions.  But more than that, it gives you the REAL-TIME information you need to eliminate the employee and payroll issues that cost you money.  Issues such as . . .

         Unwanted overtime

         Early clock ins

         Late clock outs

         Timecard and time sheet calculation errors

         Incorrectly allocated job and project time

         Scheduling employees

         Verifying sick and vacation time

         Tracking employee records and history 


No Cost Consultation Gets You Started

Let us show you how TimeIPS can put you back in control of your time and attendance system and save you thousands.  At NO COST to you, I will personally come to your business and discuss your time and attendance challenges and how we can help.

Simply call (706)855-1492 or e-mail us to schedule your FREE Time and Attendance Consultation.




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