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Wireless Is Wildly Popular But Is It
Right For Your Business?

We’ll Help You Decide

WiFi, or wireless networking, is quickly becoming the preferred method for connecting to the Internet or to office networks because of its simplicity. Using WiFi, you can connect anywhere in your home, office, or even your local cafe without the need for wires.

How It Works

A simple way to understand wireless networking is to think about how walkie-talkies work. These small radios communicate by transmitting and receiving radio signals. When you talk into a Walkie-Talkie, your voice is picked up by a microphone, encoded onto a radio frequency and transmitted with the antenna to the other walkie-talkie which then converts that radio frequency back to your voice.


Things To Consider Before Going Wireless

§  Security.  Wireless systems use radio technology to broadcast your sensitive network data.  It's imperative that proper precautions are in place to prevent unauthorized access to your financial data, client files, and other confidential information. 

§  A, B, or G?  There are multiple standards out there for wireless networks.  Each has its own speeds, radio frequencies, pros, and cons.  Which to use?  We'll figure it out for you. 

§  Interference.  Wireless networking is very popular, and not everyone using it knows what they are doing.  Poorly-configured wireless systems in your office building can interfere with your wireless network.  Sometimes the potential for interference outweighs the benefits of being wire-free.  We'll help you decide what is best for your company. 

Want To Go Wireless? We Can Help!

If you want to join the thousands of other computer users who have gone wireless, give us a call. We can install and configure the necessary hardware and software to get you connected in no time flat!                       



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