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I wouldnít think of calling anyone else.


"Past PC hardware upgrades have been a real pain.  But R. L. Wright & Associates handled our last upgrade and it was wonderful.  Our workday was not interrupted and everything worked correctly.  Everything continues to work correctly. 


R. L. Wright & Associates provide us with personal service and are always reachable.  Itís like doing business with your neighbor down the street.  I wouldnít think of calling anyone else for my computer needs."


                                Betty Ashley

        Consumer Credit Counseling



They listened to what I wanted and then made it happen.


"When we were looking at moving away from dumb terminals I called another vendor.  This other vendor didnít listen to me because I didnít really know what to ask for and told me what I wanted couldnít be done.  Then I called R. L. Wright & Associates.  They listened to what I wanted, looked at what we had, assured me that it could be done and a few days later presented me with a proposal.  We accepted their proposal and made the switch.  We have been with R. L. Wright & Associates ever since.


I like the one-on-one personal attention that R. L. Wright & Associates provide.  I have peace-of-mind knowing that when I call with a problem that it will be fixed quickly.


We are a local family owned business and prefer to spend our money with local family owned businesses.  R. L. Wright & Associates provide the level of service that allows us to do just that when it comes to our computers."


                                Sara Thompson, Comptroller

                                Meco of Augusta



They provide knowledgeable service with a personal touch.


"Not long ago we decided to replace our old server.  We had doubled our usage since it was installed seven years ago.  R. L. Wright & Associates installed a new server and transferred all of our information, seamlessly.  We had no issues when they left.  Now we are primed for even more growth.


The personal service that R. L. Wright & Associates provide is important to us.  We like being able to put a face with a name.  In addition, we are equally satisfied with the products and equipment that we purchase from them.  They are always a perfect fit for our needs and our budget.


We have used other vendors in the past, but the confidence we have in R. L. Wright & Associatesí abilities and knowledge and the personal service is why we choose them."


                                Alan Jones, Media Pastor

                                Cedar Creek Church



They put their customerís needs before their own.


"When it came time for me to hire a computer consultant my accountant recommended R. L. Wright & Associates.  I feel that I got lucky finding a trustworthy and responsive consultant the first time.


I hired R. L. Wright & Associates to install a network to support new veterinary practice software.  They installed and configured the equipment based on the software requirements.  When the software people came they had no problems with the network or equipment.


Recently we were hit by lightening which damaged some of our computer equipment.  R. L. Wright & Associates came out immediately, even though their own offices were down due to lightening damage.  They triaged the problems and got us back up and working while new hardware was ordered.


I can focus on my business knowing that I have an expert a phone call away who is knowledgeable and looking out for my bottom line."


                                Dr. Mark Brucker

                                Acute Care Veterinary Clinic



Our computers are never down.


"Our computers are our lifeline to business.  If they are down we cannot service our customers.  Before I hired R. L. Wright & Associates our computers were always down and I would receive bills for parts and equipment that were never installed.  Since I hired R. L. Wright & Associates our computers are never down.  I can depend on R. L. Wright & Associates to be truthful, accessible, and to fix any issue quickly and completely."


                                Willene J. Satcher, President

                                Satcher Insurance Services Inc.



They understand the urgency of our needs.


"I am a Practice Administrator not a computer person so when we decided to upgrade our software I called R. L. Wright & Associates.  They agreed to act as a liaison between us and the software vendor.  They also handled all the equipment upgrades that were necessary to support the new software.  I trust R. L. Wright & Associates.  They provide one-on-one personal service, understand the urgency of our needs, and are always available to us."


                                Susan Allen, Administrator

                                Summerville Womenís Medical Group, PC



Their knowledge and expertise is exceptional.


"R. L. Wright & Associates manages our network and custom builds our computers.  Their knowledge and expertise is exceptional and I am always pleased with the reliability of the equipment that they install.  I trust R. L. Wright & Associates to handle all of our technology needs."


                              Dave Goetz

                              Ameriprise Financial Services