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Discover Why Your Paper-Choked Office

Is Eating Up 10% Or More Of Your Company

Profits… And What You Can Do About It Now

Does your staff have to spend several unproductive hours a day searching through paper documents and files to do their job?

Are critical paper documents such as contracts and applications piling up and becoming more cumbersome to manage and expensive to store?

Would you like to save hundreds (maybe thousands?) of dollars on paper, toner, printer, and fax supplies?

If so, then read on…

We can help your company save thousands of dollars and employee time associated with filing, managing, and storing critical paper documents with a revolutionary new solution called document imaging.

Document imaging is the process of converting paper documents into organized, electronic files on your computer. These documents are then filed and indexed on your company network so they can be organized and retrieved quickly, saving you both the time and costs of storing them in traditional filing cabinets.

6 Reasons Why So Many Companies, Government

Agencies, and Medical Practices Are Flocking

To Document Imaging

In addition to making it infinitely easier and faster to access information, there are 6 more substantial benefits to storing your paper documents electronically that shouldn’t be overlooked:

*  No more lost or misplaced files. Quite often, there is only one original paper copy of critical business documents such as a certified letter or signed contract. The loss of such a document could be devastating. With document imaging, you can protect your irreplaceable files from being misplaced, destroyed, or even stolen.

*  Sort through millions of records and find the one you need in seconds without leaving your desk. If you’ve ever been frustrated by the amount of time it takes to sort through hundreds of folders to find a single document, you’ll be giddy with delight at the speed and ease of accessing files with a click of your mouse.

*  Allow customers, vendors, or other departments within your organization to access paper documents online without having to find, copy, or mail them. Several city governments have saved a considerable amount of time and money by allowing citizens and other departments to access paper-based documents via the web instead of having to copy and mail them out.

*  Reclaim precious office space being taken up by bulky filing cabinets. As your company grows, the number of paper documents pile up. You might even be required by law to maintain certain records for several years. All of this paper piling up can turn into a monster space problem later on if not nipped in the bud now. By filing paper documents electronically, you don’t have to worry about running out of space or renting storage.

*  Protect confidential files from falling into the wrong hands or destruction caused by fire, flood, or accidental mishandling. Document imaging gives you a more secure way of distributing or sharing documents via the web to authorized staff, vendors, or customers, and protects these documents from destruction while enabling you to meet critical HIPAA and other government compliance regulations.

*  Save a substantial amount of money on all of the costs associated with printing, copying, filing, and storing paper documents.
Did you know that the average office document gets copied 19 times? Or that it costs an average of $2,150 a year to maintain a five drawer filing cabinet? Or that the average office worker spends up to 2 hours a day just searching for documents? Document imaging eliminates all of these costs finally and forever.

Give us a call at (706) 855-1492 so we can show you a faster, cheaper, better way of dealing with the paper documents in your office.




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