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Is Your Email An Indispensable Business Tool
Or A Necessary Evil?

Do you pay extra for multiple e-mail accounts?
Are you bombarded with spam?
Do you want to be able to access your e-mail from anywhere?

We can set up a secure and reliable e-mail solution for your business with all the extra features and none of the extra expenses.

10 BIG Benefits Of Bringing Your E-mail In House

  1. Get your own company name on your e-mail:

  2. Set up special “alias” e-mail addresses (such as ) which point to a different e-mail account.

  3. Eliminate file size limitations on your in-box which force you to delete important e-mails and purge your inbox.

  4. Receive and send large e-mail attachments.

  5. Save hundreds or thousands of dollars on ISP fees while getting advanced calendaring, collaboration, and messaging features your ISP doesn’t provide.

  6. Prevent your ISP’s spam filter from blocking important, non-spam e-mails you need to receive.

  7. Make it easier to set up new e-mail accounts.

  8. Bullet-proof your network from viruses, Trojans, spam, or other cyber criminals.

  9. Receive your e-mail through digital cell phones, pagers, or wireless PDAs.

  10. Have better control over your employees e-mail and prevent them from accidentally (or intentionally!) sending illegal, inappropriate, or confidential information.

Free Consultation Gets You Started Now

Call us at (706) 855-1492 or email us and we’ll arrange for you to have a complimentary consultation with one of our senior technicians to provide “Plain English” answers to your toughest questions about bringing e-mail in house, filtering spam and viruses, or simplifying e-mail administration and security.


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