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Is Your Current Phone System Eating Up

Your Profits And Causing You More

Problems Than It’s Worth?

New Phone System Will Save You Thousands!

Are you frustrated with the complexity and ongoing maintenance costs of your current phone system?

Tired of being locked into using your current vendor’s equipment and paying for expensive support calls?

Do you want a more robust, feature-rich phone system that you can easily manage in-house?


If you answered “yes” to these questions, Image
 we can help.

Let me explain…

We specialize in helping companies with 5 to 100 employees to replace their overpriced, complicated phone systems with ones that are easy to use, customer service focused, and a LOT less expensive to maintain.


There are 3 main reasons why companies in the Augusta have area trusted us when it comes to buying new phone equipment:


  • We unconditionally guarantee your satisfaction. If you are not happy with your new phone system, we will come back out, remove the system we installed, set your old system up, and refund your entire purchase price for up to 1 full year. NO OTHER PHONE VENDOR would dare to make this type of guarantee.

  • We have an amazing customer service track record and reputation for taking care of our customers and can back this up with several references and testimonial letters from our clients.

  • We provide free technical support by phone and e-mail for the life of your system.


Above all, we help companies evaluate their alternatives and find a non-intimidating, easy to maintain phone system that save them money over the long haul.

If you currently have an old legacy system, chances are that you are spending a lot of money on support calls every time you need to make a change. Plus, you have to wait for the technician to come on-site and make the change, which may take up to 2 days depending on their schedule.

Aside from this inconvenience, you are also locked into buying their equipment and you aren’t getting the savings and customer service features that a new breakthrough phone system can offer you.

This new system, TalkSwitch, is giving the traditional phone systems a real run for their money. Here’s why…


The 5 Main Reasons Why Over 17,500 Small Businesses Have Traded In Their Current Phone System For TalkSwitch

  1. Drastically reduces your phone bill. If you have multiple offices, or even remote workers, TalkSwitch’s new voice over IP technology integrates your data and voice networks to drastically reduce long distance and lease line charges you are currently paying.

  2. Eliminates expensive technician visits. TalkSwitch’s system was built so you could easily maintain it in-house with a few simple mouse clicks. No more waiting around for high-priced technicians to show up or paying high service call fees.

  3. FREE voice mail, auto attendant, remote extensions, call routing, and conference calling. If you’ve ever bought any other vendor’s system, you know they charge a lot more for the extras already included standard in this system.

  1. The TalkSwitch System is 25%-85% LESS expensive than other well-known phone systems such as Avaya, Nortel, and Cisco to name a few.

  2. It grows with you. TalkSwitch systems have a modular architecture that lets you grow when you need to and add VoIP when, and if, you want.

Free Phone Audit Shows You How To Save     

$3,000 This Year

If you currently have an old PBX legacy system, sign up to receive a Free Phone Audit and I’ll personally come out to your office and do a complete communications analysis for your company. At the end of our audit, we’ll summarize our findings and show you:

  • Exactly how much money you could save by trashing your current system and upgrading to our next generation voice over IP solution.

  • How you can avoid common phone problems like voice mail limitations dropped or missed calls, and voice mail jail.

  • Overlooked ways to improve customer service without overloading your front desk.

Our “No Strings Attached” Promise

I also want to be very clear that there are no expectations on our part for you to do or buy anything when you sign up for a Free Phone Audit.

So go ahead and put us to the challenge right now while you’re thinking about it.

Simply call (706)855-1492 or e-mail us to schedule your FREE Phone Audit.

If you have an IT person on staff that would like to receive the technical specs on this system, please give us a call and I can e-mail them to you right away.


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